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Is your website blocked in Iran?

Start your BeePass Campaign to provide uncensored access to your content and get millions of impressions.

How does it work?

  • Deliver your content

    Every time a BeePass VPN user connects to bypass internet censorship, they will see your website or custom landing page.

  • Grow your audience

    Create custom campaigns to reach new audiences and grow your online communities in Iran.

  • Track your campaign performance

    Our easy-to-use analytics dashboard helps you monitor your campaigns and optimize performance. (Coming soon)

Increase your impact!

  • Online interactions

    Online interactions

    Increase your website visits, get more video views or launch your advocacy campaigns.

  • App installs

    App installs

    Increase app installs by sending people to your app on Google Play or App Store.

  • Social media engagement

    Social media engagement

    Increase your followers and get more engagement on social media.

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What is BeePass VPN?

BeePass is a free, open-source and secure VPN designed for Iranians to bypass internet censorship. BeePass is the culmination of over ten years of experience working for internet freedom in Iran and helping people circumvent censorship. We developed BeePass based on Jigsaw’s Outline VPN powered by the Shadowsocks protocol.

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Start your BeePass Campaign to reach people in Iran.

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